Emily's Pups 
Emily's Pups page DOB 02.05.2019
Sire:  Champion Samhaven on the Crest
(Owned by Alison Grainger)

Dam:  Ladnar Kiss'n Temptation at Dycoshem (Emily)
CEA clear


IMG_34046 Puppies born,
3 girls & 3 boys
photo here is about 1-2 wks old

IMG_34243 weeks old

IMG_3430and fast asleep

These pups have been hand reared by myself due to Emily having an emergency C-section..  The work involved included sterilising the equipment, mixing the puppy milk, feeding, winding, top & tailing every 4 hrs to start with and I have now started the weaning process

It got messy



4 weeks old

IMG_1998I've given the pups pet names for the time being so I can distinguish them from one another.  This is Cassidy a blue merle boy. - Not for sale

IMG_2012His new owners have called him Kenny

IMG_3452His new owners have named him Billy

Morgan staying with us along with Cersei
Morgan qualified for Crufts 2020
Morgan has also qualified for Crufts 20

IMG_3467L-R  Morgan, Billy & Cassidy

Well the pups went to their new homes over the weekend and I took some photos of them with their bags ready to leave at 8 wks old (02/07/19)




I'm so gonna miss these guys

Dycoshem_High_Chaparral_hsFollowing on with our theme of visits made in USA we named the pups, High Chapparal which is from the TV series and we have visited  the set many times at the Old Tucson studios.

October 2019
Dycoshem High Chapparal (Cassidy)

In November 2019 Cassidy qualified for Crufts 2020 but we decided not to take him


Dycoshem_Emily_MorganDycoshem Emily Morgan
Oct 2019

Emily Morgan being the original Yellow Rose of Texas and Morgan looking so much like her mum Emily Ron wanted to call her Emily Morgan.
Qualified for Crufts 2020
Qualified for Crufts 2021

Dycoshem_Texas_RoseDycoshem Texas Rose
Oct 2019

After visiting the Alamo we had to name Cersei Texas Rose (somehow yellow rose didn't quite suit).

The other pups were named because of our visits to Las Vegas and Tucson.  The name Blackjack came about because it turned out that I was pretty good at Craps but I couldn't name him that so I decided that Blackjack was  a better name and pretty close to the theme as was Pokerface.  
Qualified for Crufts 2020 but we decided not to take her.  However due to the new Crufts qualifying rules she has qualified for Crufts 2021 too.

December 2020 Update on our pups: 

Here is a photo of Kenny enjoying life with a lovely family who wanted to start showing him but due to Covid theres been no shows this year for him to go to.


Arya - enjoying living on a farm with a lovely family and doing obedience training

Billy - living fairly local to us with a lovely couple



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